BURR!!   This page will hopefully provide scouts and scouts with information that will make their cold weather camping more comfortable.

Cold weather campout packing list
Sleeping gear
Heavy weight sleeping bag
Fleece liner or fleece blanket
Extra fleece blanket if desired (a fleece liner placed inside of your sleeping bag will help keep you warmer on those cold nights).
Sleeping pad to put between you and the tent floor. (sleeping on cots in the winter will not keep you as warm as sleeping
on a sleeping pad due to the cold air being able to circulate around the cot).

Knit hat or other hat that will keep your head warm
Glove liners (a pair of thin gloves that go on before your medium or heavy weight gloves that help to keep your hands warmer).
Medium or heavy weight gloves
Jacket(s) - light weight and heavy weight (allows you to adjust to the temperature).
Insulated underwear*
short sleeve shirts*
Long sleeve shirt*
Long pants
Sock liners (work just like glove liners)
Warm socks
Shoes or boots (ones that will keep your feet warm)

* It is best to layer your clothes - i.e. short sleeve shirt, insulated underwear top, long sleeve shirt, jacket. This will allow you the opportunity to add or remove clothing the adjust to the outside temperature.

Take the jacket you will wear the next morning and zip it up before you go to sleep. Place your feet and legs into the arms of your jacket (not all the way out of the sleeves) and then get into your sleeping bag with your legs inside the jacket at the foot of your sleeping bag. This will not only help keep your feet and legs warm, but will also allow you to have a warm jacket when you awake.

Put the clothing you will wear the next morning inside your sleeping bag against the zipper when you go to bed. This will block the cold air from coming in through the zipper and also allow you to have warm clothes the next morning.