First Aid Kit Items


The following items are essential to any good first aid kit and is recommended for all scouts. This list may be tailored to fit individual needs.

Gauze Pads (various sizes)
Roller Bandages
Antibiotic Cream
Hydrocortisone Cream
Small bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide
Band-Aid Strips
Knuckle Bandages
Water proof tape
Small pair of scissors
Chigger Rid (for red bugs)
Personal medication such as allergy, etc.
Moleskin for blisters
Q-Tips for applying creams
Solar caine for sunburn

Our troop carries a more extensive first aid kit in our troop trailer for use on camping trips which include items like burn gel and a burn kit, medicine like stomach ache relief, anti-diarrhea medicine, laxative, plus various roller bandages, gauze pads and band-aids.

Remember the above list is a good starting point, but all first aid kits need to be tailored to the events in which you will be participating.


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