Necessary Troop 97 information for parents


Weekly meeting times: Our troop meets on Monday from 7:00pm – 8:30pm, at Summer Grove United Methodist Church. Please note on the calendar the Monday’s that we do not meet. We ask that all parents please be punctual in picking up your son from meetings.


Uniform Policy: The scouts in our troop have decided to make the class A shirt and class A pants the uniform of choice for weekly meetings. All scouts must show up in class A uniform unless informed otherwise.


Dues Information: Scouts are required to pay dues of $1.00 for every regular meeting they attend. This money goes to help pay for badges and awards given to the scouts. A scout may not advance in rank unless his dues are current at the time of his board of review.


Campout Departure/Arrival Time: Our troop meets at 6:00pm at Summer Grove United Methodist Church on the Friday we are scheduled to leave on our monthly campout. Depending on travel time we will return between 1:00pm and 4:00pm on the following Sunday. Exceptions to these times are summer camp and high adventure camps. The departure/arrival times for these campouts will be given at the appropriate time. ** Please make sure son has eaten supper before he arrives on Friday, as our troop does not provide a meal on Friday.


Medication Policy: All scouts, unless permission in writing is given by the parents, must turn over all prescription medication to the designated Assistant Scoutmaster for dispensing. It is the responsibility of the scout to ask the Assistant Scoutmaster for his medication at the appropriate time. Please send medication in labeled bottles, stored in a zip-lock bag with the scouts name clearly printed on the outside.


50% Camping/50% Service Policy: All scouts are required to attend 50% of all campouts and service projects for the year in order to advance in rank. We work the percentage on a rolling year which means each scouts percent will change with each campout and service project we hold. We camp once every month during the year. There may be times when special campouts are held and scouts may up their percentage by attending these functions. Service project(s) are held every two months, unless otherwise stated.


List of camping items for spring and summer


  1. sleeping pad
  2. sleeping bag
  3. twin sheet
  4. pillow
  5. towel
  6. wash cloth
  7. toiletries
  8. cup, bowl, plate, silverware
  9. large mouth water bottle
  10. shorts and/or long pants
  11. short sleeve shirts (plain or scout related)
  12. hat (if desired – scout related or plain)
  13. underwear and socks
  14. light weight jacket for cool mornings (spring time)
  15. poncho or rain suit
  16. well broken in shoes + extra pair
  17. flash light
  18. swim suit (when troop has water activity events)
  19. aqua shoes or shoes that can get wet (when troop has water activity event)
  20. off spray or lotion
  21. scout book
  22. camp chair



Prohibited items



If you have any questions about this list or what your son can or cannot bring, please give me a call at 286-9324 or 671-1558