Troop 97 Patrols


The Old Goat patrol is our most senior patrol being made up of the adult leaders in our troop. This patrol includes:

Bill Waltman - Scoutmaster
Therese Kneipp - Committee Chairwoman
Jerry Carlisle - Asst. Scoutmaster
Johnny Johnson - Scoutmaster
Ken Loechner - Asst. Scoutmaster
Ernie Smith - Asst. Scoutmaster
Mark Drabek - Asst. Scoutmaster

Paul Kneipp - Asst. Scoutmaster
James Tillman - Asst. Scoutmaster
Mike Clark - Asst. Scoutmaster
Mike Hay - Asst. Scoutmaster
Jim Stephenson - Asst. Scoutmaster
Brent Ingvardsen
- Asst. Scoutmaster
Rob Washington - Asst. Scoutmaster
David Craig - Asst. Scoutmaster



The bayou patrol:

Brandon A. - Scribe
James C. - Patrol Leader
C.J. H.
Jackson I. - Historian
Jacob J.
Kenny L.
Nicholas L.

The stag patrol:

Wesley B. - Chaplin Aide
Matthew D. - Quartermaster
Keith H. - Patrol Leader
Larry T.
Dean K.


The roadrunner patrol is our newest group of boys:

Adonnis B.
Jeffery E.
Alex F.
Logan J.
Matthew L.
Gage M.
James R. - Patrol Leader
Marcus W.


The Lightning Patrol

Adam C.
David F
Benjamin H. - Quartermaster
Joseph L. - Senior Patrol Leader
Dylan M.
Wesley R. - Patrol Leader


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