The sport in Scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it.

                                                                                    Lord Baden Powell

Welcome to Troop 97!

Our goal in Troop 97 is to have each scout that enters the troop reach the rank of First Class within one year. We realize that scouts work at different paces, therefore, with the help of parents along with the program we have in place, we feel that this will not be a factor for scouts in reaching this goal.
As a scout joins our troop, he is placed in a patrol. A patrol consists of six to ten scouts. Each patrol chooses their patrol name, makes a patrol flag, elects patrol officers, learns to work as a team and establish patrol pride. They will have assistant Scoutmaster(s) and troop guide(s) to work with them and assist them in all their needs.
Campouts are a very important part of scouting. Each scout needs to try and attend all meetings and campouts. Our troop attends two long term campouts per year; one in the summer and one in the winter. With these two campouts along with our monthly campout, each scout will be well on his way to First Class.

During each meeting, scouts will participate in patrol meetings, lessons that promote rank advancement, plus a scout skill or game that promotes physical fitness and/or teamwork. All scouts should bring with them to each meeting, their scout book, patrol dues ($1.00 per weekly meeting that the scout attends), and also be properly dressed in their scout uniform. All the above are a must for information, pride and responsibility.

In order to help the scouts in our troop earn merit badges, we have several merit badge counselors that are willing to teach specific merit badge courses. These badges are taught when we have a certain percentage of scouts willing to take the course. The majority of merit badges that a scout will earn will be accomplished at the council organized camps such as summer camp, winter camp, and camporees. Therefore it is important that a scout attend the scheduled camps with his troop in order to earn the 21 merit badges required for his Eagle Rank.

For our troop to keep up with the progress of each scout, we have invested in a computer program that keeps track of various forms of information, including rank requirements, partial or completed merit badges. In addition, special awards, total nights camp, service hours earned, and other accomplishments will be tracked. Any parent wishing to know how their son is progressing can contact the Scoutmaster at (318) 671-1558 or visit with him during a regularly scheduled meeting. It is important that a scout keep his scout book updated at all times. As a scout completes a specific rank requirement, the Scoutmaster or one of the Assistant Scoutmasterís can sign off for the particular activity, thus allowing the scout to keep track of his own rank advancement.

Troop 97 teaches every scout the importance of learning to live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law. We hope that each young man fully enjoys the opportunities that the scouting program has to offer. 

                                         Troop Merit Badge Counselor Policy

1. Troop 97 will accept any merit badge or partial merit badges or partial badge requirements  
    earned at any district or council approved camp such as: summer camp, winter camp, 
    jamboree, camporee, etc.

2. Troop 97 will also accept any merit badge or partial merit badge requirements approved
    by a current Troop 97 Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster. No merit badge counselor including
    scoutmasters can sign off his child earning a merit badge. The only time a scoutmaster can sign off his
    child for a merit badge is when it is earned within a group setting. In addition Troop 97 will 
    approve any badge work done under the guidance of an approved Norewla Council Merit
    Badge Counselor. All other merit badge counselors must be approved by the Troop 97 

3. Committee approved merit badge counselors list will be reviewed periodically (minimum of
     one time a year) to insure the list is always up to date.

4. Parents of Troop 97 are not to sign off their own scout's merit badge requirements that are completed
    at home. Proof of completion, of work done at home, needs to be presented to the 
    Scoutmaster or his designee for approval.

5. Scouts must complete merit badges within one year of the date started. This includes partials
    earned at summer camp, winter camp, jamboree, camporee, etc.

                                        Discipline Policy for Boy Scout Troop # 97

Troop 97 does not tolerate any form of hazing or harassment.
Anyone showing any form of disobedience, of the Scout Promise and/or Scout Law, will be given four chances to correct his behavior; the four chances will be handled in the following manner:

1. The scout will be directed toward proper behavior by leader(s).
2. A phone call will be made to the scout's parent/guardian in order to make them aware of the
    behavior problem.
3. A letter will be mailed to the parent/guardian in reference to the phone call mentioned above.
4. A letter will be mailed to parent/guardian requesting a meeting to work out a solution to the
    behavior problem. This meeting will include the leader, the parent, and the scout involved.

                                                         Troop 97 Guide Lines

When to wear you scout uniform:
Troop meetings
Court of Honor
Most special activities (unless informed otherwise)
Traveling (to and from campouts)

Hats: Only those made for scouting, (must be approved by leaders), any non-approved hat
          worn is subject to confiscation.
Shoes: must be worn at all times. No sandals,** (This includes meetings, campouts and 
           activities)** Sandals are to be used in the shower only.
Electrical devices: taken on campouts without permission, will be confiscated.
                            This includes cell phones, I-pods, MP3 players, PSP, etc.
Permission slips: must be turned in by the dead line on the slip. If the permission slips are 
            not returned there is a great possibility the scout will miss  that campout.

                                                     Summer and Winter Camp

It is very important for each scout to go to summer camp and winter camp. The troop will keep a ledger for those parents that would like to pay monthly payments.. This will keep scouts from having to come up with all the money when it is time to go to camp.

                                                    Advancement Requirements

1. Each scout must complete all requirements for the rank he is seeking and have his book
    signed off by the proper adult leader, prior to his Scoutmaster Conference.
2. As each scout moves through the ranks toward Eagle Scout, he has to learn to tie knots.
    We have found that if the scout does not practice the knots along the way, he has trouble
     with them.
The knots by rank are as follows:


Scout rank Square knot
Tenderfoot Double Half Hitch
  Taut line
Second Class Bowline
First Class Timber Hitch
  Clover Hitch
Star  Sheep Shank
    Sheep Bend
Life  Square Lashing
   Tripod Lashing
Eagle and above  Figure Eight
   Bowline on a Bite

3. A scout must have completed his Scoutmaster Conference no later than the Monday before the
    troop committee meeting to be eligible for a conference that night.
4. A scout must be approved by the Board of Review before he can receive his rank.
5. A scout must attend 50% of all meetings, service projects and campouts over the last
    (12) months to be able to advance to the next rank. A scout must also be signed off for (Scout Sprit).
    This is at the discretion of the Scoutmasters. Involves a scout participating in activities, wearing the
    scout uniform correctly and having a scout like attitude.

                                                                Dress Properly

Full Class "A"

Headgear: Official Scout Hat (Optional) (Not to be worn inside buildings)
Shirt: Class "A" with correct patches
Belt: Scout belt
Pants: Scout pants; NO SHORTS
Socks: Scout
Neckerchief: Troop or other official BSA neckerchief
Slide: Scout
Sash: Scout (if you have earned 6 or more Merit Badges )
OA Sash:
If scout is a member of the Order of the Arrow

Class "A"

Same as  full class "A" with the following exceptions: Neckerchief, slide, and sash are optional.
(Shorts may be worn)
Scout approved hat. (Optional)

Class "B"

Same as class "A" with the following exceptions: Orange shirts instead of class "A" shirts, and other types of pants or shorts may be worn..

Scout Meetings
- Class "A"
Campouts with other Troops- Class "A"  worn going, coming, and inside buildings.
                                                  During activities with and against other troops.
                                                  Other times class "B"
Campouts Troop 97 Only- Class "A" going and returning, other times class "B"
Troop Court of Honor- Full Class "A" Scout shorts may be worn
Eagle Court of Honor- Full Class "A"
Scoutmaster's Conference- Class "A"
Board of Review- Class "A"





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